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Strength Band Training author uses resistance bands for ATP Tour

Thera-Band Loop Monster Walk

Co-author of Strength Band Training, Todd Ellenbecker, uses elastic resistance, including Thera-Band® products, as the Director of Sports Medicine of the ATP World Tour for professional tennis players. The ATP World Tour website recently ran a story on how ATP players and physiotherapists use elastic resistance bands for training and rehabilitation of tennis players.

 Below is an excerpt from the article:

“In the case of Andy Murray, if he’s practising moving to his forehand using an open stance with the resistance of the band, he overloads the muscles using the band with that exercise,” explains Ellenbecker. “When he goes to do that movement without the resistance of the band, he’ll be able to do it faster and with less effort because he’s been practising it with the resistance.” Along with Murray, Ellenbecker has seen several top players work out with the bands, including Novak Djokovic, Marin Cilic, Fernando Verdasco and Milos Raonic. “A lot of players use them on the court for these specific movements, like Murray’s doing. We see them putting loops around their ankles, doing the ‘Monster Walk’ which are little side shuffles in different directions to get their hips and core strong.

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